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The objectives of the “Bridge of Good Governance” Project

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Project financed through the SEE Grant, 2009 – 2014, within the NGO Fund in Romania



The “Bridge of Good Governance” Project aims to encourage good governance through bilateral collaboration and transfer of good practices between Romania and the Republic of Moldova by monitoring the implementation degree of the legislation in three priority domains: access to public information, administrative transparency and antidiscrimination.

Few projects or initiatives of civil society that are aimed at good governance manage to transcend the Romanian and Moldovan national boundaries. The Bridge of Good Governance aims to strengthen civil society in its efforts to work on good governance and fight corruption by creating a shared experience and an exchange of good practices between Romanian and Moldovan communities. Similarly so, major attention is given to the law implementation and enforcement, aspects that enhance decisional transparency.

The project supports the Romanian and Moldovan efforts of good governance, being correlated with the objectives set out in both states’ National Anticorruption Strategies. Both strategies highlight collaboration with the civil society as a fundamental principle and give particular attention to the importance of decisional transparency. More so, the consolidation of good governance and the fight against corruption are essential to both Moldova’s process of European integration and Romania’s process of entering the Schengen area, civil society playing a crucial role in both developments.


The specific objectives of the project

  1. Increasing the degree of legislation implementation in the areas of decisional transparency, access to public information and antidiscrimination in Romania and the Republic of Moldova by creating two comparative studies and proposing at least 5 public policy recommendations and specific actions for the detected problems
  2. Promoting good government and human rights in the two countries by organizing 15 common events, through research, work training, exchange of good practices, dissemination and litigation strategies
  3. Encouraging bilateral cooperation between Romanian and Moldovan non-governmental organizations that work in the area of good governance by formalizing coalitions that both are part of and teamwork


The project’s target groups are as follows:

-500 central and local public authorities (city halls of county seats, Local Councils, County Councils, Ministries) in Romania and their counterparts from Moldova

-the Parliamentary political parties of Romania and the Republic of Moldova

-20 online communities (10 from Romania and 10 from the Republic of Moldova – association platforms, blogs, websites of journalists, etc.) that have a certain preoccupation for good governance and anticorruption, but also a sensitivity towards the idea of Moldova’s European integration, interconnected through the platforms and

-500 local and central journalists in both countries

-30 local activists will be asked to participate at the media promotion of the project’s good governance activities at both the central and local level in Romania and Moldova


The direct beneficiaries are outlined below:

-30 volunteers / representatives of institutionalized civil society at local level who are interested in taking part in watchdog activities

-the members of the 20 NGOs who are part of ARC

-100 NGOs at the local and national level from both countries who will benefit from study results and webinar participations, organizations that work in domains that are unrepresented so far at a coalition level between Romania and Moldova (ex. Antidiscrimination, human rights)

-500 citizens interested in either sending requests to the relevant state institutions concerning access to information of public interest or organizing debates according to decisional transparency, at various levels, the citizens will be trained via webinars by the two organizations’ lawyers


Technical details, financing partners:

The “Bridge of Good Governance” is a project financed through 2009-2014 SEE Grants, as part of the ONG Fund in Romania, with the unique registration number – C1.1_96.

The project’s length is of 12 months, starting with April 1st, 2015.

The amount of money requested as irredeemable financing was of 74,535 euro, with 8,315 euros in co-financing.

The SAR partners in this project are the Advocacy Academy in Timisoara and the Association of Independent Press (API) in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

The content of this website does not necessarily represent the official position of the 2009-2014 SEE Grants. The entire responsibility concerning information correctness and coherence belongs to the websites initiators.


For official information concerning SEE and Norwegian Grants please access





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