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Developing the Watchdog Capacity in Romania (November 2015)

The prosecutors rise and fall (October 2015)

Students want clean and well-funded universities (September 2015)

SAR has calculated the bribes in constructions (August 2015)

The corruption in the pharmaceutics industry has been uncovered by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) (July 2015)

The Government has created the Forest Guard (June 2015)

The diaspora knows what it wants: More polling sections and electoral reform transparency (May 2015)

Imperative request from the civil society: ”We want mayors elected in two-round elections” (April 2015)

Bucharest has a corruption map. Find out the landmarks of the Tour of Great Corruption Sites! (March 2015)

Readers have decided on the Clean Romania Awards for 2014! (February 2015)

”We have real estate mafia, but no one is being sentenced” (January 2015)

Good governance in Norway seen from the grassroots level (December 2014)

Clean Romania has monitored the abuses reported by the Romanian diaspora during the presidential elections (November 2014)

Elections in the dark. Who controls public opinion polls (shareholders, market share, analysis) (October 2014)

”Mister Ponta, Romanians living abroad are not the enemies of Romania” (September 2014)

Find out how you can shape the agenda of civil society (August 2014)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is only mimicking public consultation (July 2014)

 Who we are – Manifesto of the Alliance for a Clean Romania (ARC) (June 2014)

The black list of the European Parliament elections (May 2014)

Is the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) creating politicized cases? (April 2014)