Date and place of birth:

  • December 6th 1973, Ilia, jud. Hunedoara


  • ”Decebal” Highschool, Deva (1992)
  • Faculty of Law, Babeș‐Bolyai University, Cluj (1997)
  • History and Philosophy Faculty, Journalism Section, Babeș‐Bolyai University, Cluj (1996)
  • International Summer School on Cognitive‐Behavioral Psychology and Formative Diagnostic (Cluj, 1997), Babeș‐Bolyai University, Cluj
  • Professional training programme Romania‐Holland (2006‐2007, Centre for Independent Journalism, through the MATRA Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Holland)
  • Milena Jesenská Visiting Fellow, Institute for Human Science (Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, IWM), Vienna, 2014

Radio journalist

Debut in the press in 1994, at Radio Cluj (regional studio of the Romanian radio service), where he worked as redactor until 2006 for cultural programs, news and sport.

Journalist in print and online

In parallel with radio journalism he collaborated and published in the written local and national press, at various publications: ”Mesagerul Transilvan”, ”Transilvania Jurnal”, ”Ziarul de Cluj”, ”Transilvania Sport”, ”ProSport”, ”Gândul”, ”Ziarul Financiar”, ”Ziarul Clujeanului”, ”Clujeanul”, ”Viața Clujeanului”, covering different topics (social, culture, politics, investigations and sport). At ”Clujeanul” and ”Ziarului Clujeanului” (weekly and daily, respectively, edited by the same team) he coordinated the Culture Department (2000‐2005), was the adjunct editor‐in‐chief (2005‐2006), and editor‐in‐chief (2006‐2009). At ”Viața Clujeanului” (2009‐2010) he was editor‐in‐chief.


Since 2002 he began to document and write articles (reports, interviews, journalistic investigations) about the mining project at Roşia Montană, which intends to open the largest cyanide‐based open‐pit mine in Europe. To date, he published over 300 articles on this topic from different perspectives (impact on environment, the local community and the exceptional cultural heritage at Roşia Montană, the economic and political interests behind the project, both at national and international levels, civic involvement to stop the project, large‐scale corruption of the mass‐media by the mining company). At a time when the Rosia Montana subject was taboo in Romanian mass-media, his articles constituted one of the main sources of information about the case. In 2013 he published the book of investigative journalism ” Rosia Montana  Affair”, awarded with numerous prizes and best-sellers in Romania.


After the decision of the stakeholders to close “Clujeanul”, in the context of the economic crisis (in July 2009), he founded and was editor‐in‐chief of the weekly called ”Viața Clujeanului” (approximate translation to English: “Life of people from Cluj”), which was supported voluntarily for more than halfa‐year by the former editing team of ”Clujeanul”. Mass‐media reactions to the appearance of the “Viaţa Clujeanului” weekly:


Since 2010 he works as independent journalist, collaborating with Voxpublica.ro, one of the most important platforms online for opinion, comments, and analysis in Romania. His articles on Voxpublica.ro are constantly the most read on the platform.


Since April 2014 he is editor in chief of Clean Romania (România Curată – www.romaniacurata.ro), where after just a few months, has managed to generate spectacular growth of audience – over 6-700% unique visitors/month.

Professional development

Since 2005 he is a founding member of the Association of Professionals from the Press Cluj (Asociația Profesioniștilor din Presă Cluj – APPC), the largest professional organization of local press journalists from Romania. As member (2005‐2011) and president (2011‐2013) of the Steering Committee of APPC, he was involved in the implementation of several projects for training and professional development, as well as in the public amendment of mass‐media bad practices.

Prizes for journalism (selection):

  • ”Green Awards Romania” (from the environmental organizations in Romania for the series of articles about the Roşia Montană case), Bucharest, 2011;
  • Double prize for “Opinion” and “Report”, at the Superscrieri (Superwritings) Gala 2012 (the most important prizes for narrative journalism in Romania), Bucharest 2012 – he was the only journalist who was nominated and received the prize for two distinct categories (opinion and report):

The report, called “I bought the national football team” (”Am cumpărat naționala de fotbal”), represents a premiere, being the first “Yes Man” type action in Romania. Pretending to represent the company that intends to extract gold from Roşia Montană, he negotiated an illusory sponsoring of the national football team with Mircea Sandu, the president of the Romanian Football Federation and member of the Executive Committee of UEFA. For 3 million euros, Mircea Sandu accepted all conditions, including the absolutely unacceptable ones that were solicited by the “sponsor” in order to green‐wash its image: dress up football players in miner suits, involve them in filming publicity clips where they will drink cyanide‐infested water or run along a cyanide tailings‐pond, to endorse as being their own convictions invented declarations regarding the profitability of the mining project, to move friendly and official games of the national team to cities where the sponsor has interests.

  • Criticatac Award, Book of the Year 2013 for the book „Rosia Montana Affair” (Bucharest, 2014);
  • Book of the Year 2013, survey magazine „Culture” for the book „Rosia Montana Affair”;
  • Special Jury Award, Book Industry Gala for the book „Rosia Montana Affair” (Bucharest 2014)
  • Special Jury Award Writers Union for the book „Rosia Montana Affair” (Cluj 2014);
  • Milena Jesenská Fellowships for Journalists”, Institute for Human Science (Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, IWM), Vienna, 2014.

Didactic activity

He was associated‐lecturer at the Journalism Department of the Babeș‐Bolyai University in Cluj, where he taught courses of social journalism, sports journalism and organized workshops of press writing.

He is a collaborator of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Babeș‐Bolyai University in Cluj. He wrote the screenplay and directed the cartoons called “Retman and the Retmagic”, a project that uses, for the first time worldwide, cartoons in the therapy of anxiety, fury, depression and guilt in children and adolescents.

Literary activity

  • Poetry (volume): “The story of a discursive poem” (”Povestea unui poem discursiv”), Editura Paralela 45 (2001), Editura Tritonic (second edition, 2003)
  • Novel: “The sensational escape of Mihai Goţiu, told by Himself” (”Senzaționala evadare a lui Mihai Goțiu, povestită chiar de El”), Editura Tritonic (2002);
  • Short story (volume): “Eight o’clock. News journal” (”Ora 20. Telejurnal”), Chișinău (Republica Moldova, 2010)
  • Short story: “Graves on the move. Letters to Adela” (”Morminte în mișcare. Scrisori către Adela”) (published in series ”Ziarul de Duminică”, Romania; in the ”Bobi Bazlen Lab” anthology, Trieste, Italy; in the ”Magyari Naplo” journal, Budapest, Hungary).
  • Non-fiction and investigative journalism: ”Rosia Montana Affair” (Editura Tact, 2013)
  • Non-fiction and social journalism: ”Suckers!” (Editura Tact, 2015)
  • Screenplay psycho-therapeutic cartoons: ”Retman and the Retmagic”, Editura Trei, 2015
  • Member of the Writers Union (Uniunea Scriitorilor) of Romania (since 2003)

Literary prizes (selection):

  • Prize for debut (poetry) International Festival of Poetry ”Europa. Km 0”, Sighetul Marmației (2002)
  • Prize for novel at the ”Liviu Rebreanu” Literature Festival, Bistrița (2003)
  • Prize for literature at the ”Lucian Blaga” International Festival, Cluj‐Napoca (2004).

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