SAR launched the new “Ask the State” application

The Romanian Academic Society (SAR) has just launched a new web application tool for citizens to use when gathering information about how state authorities undertake public expenditures, as well as any other public information related to institutional activities funded from the public budget.

“Ask the State” is a web-based application integrated into the Clean Romania website, developed on the basis of Law 544/2001 regarding the free access to information that is of public interest. This law makes it easy for citizens to ask public institutions for data on how tax-payer money is used.

“Ask the State” provides tax payers access to a database containing 5000 local and central public authorities and institutions, a number that is still growing. SAR aims to register 10,000 such public institutions and authorities by the end of next year, thus developing the most complete database of its kind in Romania.

Town halls, ministries, county councils, prefectures, hospitals or schools, environmental agencies, heritage institutions, social security agencies, police, universities and all afferent spending by these institutions become readily available to the citizen via “Ask the State”!

The app is also user-friendly! The user creates an account necessitating only an email address and password. Upon finishing their registration process, one can choose to view information about any specific public authority. The next step is to formulate the particular solicitation and click the “Send a request” option, this being all that is required from the user. The request is then validated and taken over by SAR, who sends it on to the appropriate institutions. The user will then be notified online when the request has been answered.

The Romanian Academic Society (SAR) owns a highly successful track record in handling solicitations and trials on the basis of Law 544/ 2001 with the public authorities. Here you can access the list of ACR’s trials for transparency.

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