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How our volunteers won the ratings and the elections in the elite/top educated category

The Clean Romania website succeeded, starting with the 41st week of last year, to win the ratings battle in the top educated section, besting much older and more advertised sites such as Dilema Veche, Contributors and 22. Ratings were significantly better throughout the presidential election campaign, Clean Romania managing to surpass the cumulated audiences of all 3 sites in the decisive week.

This proves that, in the small but influential category of top educated/elite, internet readers topple media cartels and attempts to control the opinion market, and look for credible alternatives themselves. In other sections, that part was played by Facebook. As the Clean Romania website is composed of mostly volunteers, this is a direct victory of our public, who has chosen credibility and participation with us. You are Clean Romania. We thank you!


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Vizitatori 10-16 nov 2014

Source: Clean Romania ( have 342.883 uniques visitors in one week.

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