Clean Romania, mentioned twice in a positive manner in the MCV report

The Clean Romania website has been ranked positively in the MCV report (here, in .pdf format), which was released on Wednesday, among media institutions who „played a significant role in raising awareness on corruption”. Along the „ anticorruption files”, Clean Romania is mentioned as a site that „covers problems of corruption in great detail”.

The same report, in the chapter on „healthcare”, mentions proposals published on Clean Romania (here) regarding the reduction of informal payments in hospitals and the problem of medical staff salaries.

These references in the 2014 MCV report confirm the pro-active role that Clean Romania has in changing society (and mentalities of society), fact also underlined by a letter from European Commission Representation chief, Ms. Angela Filote, who, in a letter written in August of last year, applauds another initiative, the Coalition for a Clean Press, a group who strives for transparency in the financing sources of media institutes (see here).

All of the above show that Clean Romania did not become the most widely read opinion site among the top educated people regarding at the end of 2014 and at the start of this year by chance. (details here).



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